Hello and welcome to Georgia Southern in Lucca 2020.  This is the website for the Georgia Southern program based in Lucca, Italy that will run in the summer (actually spring) of 2020 from May 10 to June 20.  We are aiming for a total of 40 students, and applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.  The only requirement is that you be a student in good standing ( = a GPA of at least 2.0).

Our program is based in the Lucca, a beautiful small city in Tuscany, Italy and a popular tourist destination, with proximity to Florence and Siena and with access to all of Italy, including Rome and the bay of Naples.  (For more about Lucca, click on "Lucca" above.) Students will take six or seven credit hours, with courses offered in geology, history, creative writing and exercise science (click on "courses" above to see the list).  Many meals and all museum and site entrances are included in the cost.  Students will stay in apartments rented by the program and enjoy field trips to the Alps, Florence, Siena, Pompeii, and Rome.  Students will also have free time to explore Italy or Europe on their own.  You will find more information about the program as you explore the site.

The online application site is now available!  Just click on "application" above to find the link. Note that to fully apply you must pay the (non-refundable) deposit.  For information on scholarships and financial aid, click on "links" above.

We will be adding more information in the days ahead.  In the meantime, feel free to reach out and contact our faculty (click on  "meet the faculty" above) or come talk to us on the Armstrong Campus on November 20th.

So come join us this summer for both study and adventure!

UPDATE: As of February 1st, over 40 students have filled out an application for the program.  There are only 40 spaces, BUT many of those students have not paid the deposit.  Because of that, we are extending the application + deposit deadline through February.  Remember, what secures your place in the program is the deposit.  Without it, someone else can take your place.  We will not hold spaces for those who do not pay.  So apply soon or, if you have applied, pay the deposit!

Hello and welcome to Georgia Southern in Lucca 2020 .  This is the website for the Georgia Southern program based in Lucca, Italy that will...